Our new programme of ‘Hands on’ and ‘Hands off’ Chocolate sessions

Due to the huge amount of interest from our guests to learn more about the fascinating subject of Chocolate, we have put together a new programme with more choices as well as packages to include accommodation.

Please read below and call us on 01202 556857 to book your course – none of the packages below can be booked on line. All courses below are run Mon – Thursday. If you are looking for a Saturday course, please click here to see the diary of pre-planned course dates. PLEASE NOTE:-
We do not have chocolatiers on site all the time, the courses are therefore, subject to the availability of a chocolatier. Please call to check.


Hands On Courses

1 – Introduction to Chocolate Tasting, followed by truffle making – 1.5 hrs £38 per person (Max 8 people min 2)

A 1.5 hr class that includes tasting the very top end of chocolate bars and comparing with the high street bars, Followed by a truffle making class, where each person will make around 20 truffles to take away.

2 –  Making moulded chocolates class – 1hr 30mins – £45 per person (Max 8 people min 2)

A 1.5hr hour class that involves both making small solid chocolates and filled chocolates. You will under the watchful eye of our chocolatier and at the end of the class take home everything you make ( approx  50 chocolates.

3 – Chocolate truffle making and Chocolate Portrait painting – 2 hrs £55 including a glass of Cava ( Max 20 min 2)

Chocolate truffle making followed by a session of painting your own portrait in Chocolate!!

You will be surprised how easy it is and how much fun it is. At the end, we will frame your pictures ready to take away with your truffles.

4 – Chocolate Stiletto shoe making and truffle making 2 hrs – £65 with two glasses of Cava (Max 8 min 2)Â

Create and decorate your own designer shoe in chocolate and whilst the shoe is setting whip up some truffles to display inside the shoe.

We have the packaging for you to display these wonderful shoes and truffles.. This class is very popular.

5 – Chocolate and wine tasting – 1.5 hrs £45.00 best done from lunch time onwards!! (Max 10 min 2)

Sample a range of chocolate along with 5 different wines and one Cava – make sure you have a driver!

Hands Off Sessions

All at £25.00 per person inc coffee min 4 – max 10

Designed for you to sit, relax with coffee and watch the chocolatier. Ask him questions – ask him for a sample!!!

1 – Bean to Bar

Watch and listen as we explain the history of chocolate, roast beans and turn them into chocolate bars for you to sample.

2 – Chocolate Tempering

A 1 hour demonstration on the art of tempering chocolate. This is essential to learn if you are considering a career in chocolate or even want to just get it right at home.

3 – Demonstration of truffle making

1 hour of fascinating chocolate truffle making, get tips on flavours, techniques and sample the goods!!!!

4 – Demonstration of Chocolate Paste and chocolate sauce

In this class the chocolatier will show you how to make the most delicious chocolate spread and a chocolate dipping sauce – again samples will be available.