The Chocolate Boutique Hotel Shoots to Stardom

It has been an exciting month for The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, with not just one, but two television appearances for our Bournemouth-based bed and breakfast.

First up, our bed and breakfast was featured on the popular Channel 4 competition, Three in a Bed. In case you’re unfamiliar with the show, it pits three different bed and breakfasts from around the country against each other. Each B&B owner enjoys a stay at the other two establishments, leaving feedback, and then paying how much they think their experience was worth.

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The Chocolate Boutique Hotel received some great feedback from our rivals, who included the owners of the Daisy Centre and the Old House Hilton. They enjoyed luxurious stays in our Montezuma and Mocha rooms, indulging in our plethora of cocoa treats including Gerry’s infamous breakfast pancakes, and one of our hands-on in-house chocolate workshops.

Once the stay was over, it was time for the nerve-wracking part of “ the guestbook comments! Luckily, our hotel’s charm and individuality shone through and our guests were pleased with their time spent with us. Daisy, the owner of the Daisy Centre, said that her stay was really luxurious. Fifi, one half of the Old House Hilton team, wrote that our hotel had bags of character. We were thrilled to read that our guests would happily stay with us again, and we hope to see them here soon!

Next, we starred in The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5. The shows presenter, Alex Polizzi, was in Bournemouth helping out another local hotel get back on their feet. In an attempt to inspire the owners to make the most out of their own theme, they visited The Chocolate Boutique Hotel to see how we effectively make use of chocolate in the B&B.

> Watch the episode here

Gerry guided the other hotel owners in one of our chocolate workshops, encouraging them to let loose and have a little bit of fun with their own celebrity-themed hotel. For us, chocolate brings so much joy and guests should be immersed in the scrumptious theme as soon as they enter the door. We wanted to show the hoteliers that a themed hotel could be both playful and successful.

As you can tell, it’s been a whirlwind adventure! Staying at the hotels of the other Three in a Bed contestants was a great opportunity to see what other bed and breakfasts do differently to us, and we found that both of the other couples were running unique establishments.

Similarly, we’re always happy to help out those who need a few hints and tips to get their business off the ground. It was a great compliment to be used as a shining example of a well-run themed hotel for The Hotel Inspector! If you caught The Chocolate Boutique Hotel on either of the shows, then let us know what you thought. If it has tempted you to book a stay in our indulgent bed and breakfast, then get in touch to discuss your visit.


Posted by Gerry on May 12, 2015

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