The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has teamed up with Stardust Therapies to offer you the following special deals, all  treatments below are carried out in the comfort of your hotel room.

Stardust Therapies, owned by Lizzy Henderson provide alternative therapy treatments for clients in the Dorset area these include: Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Thai yoga Massage, Hopi ear Candles, Aromatherapy body massage, plus Neck, back and shoulder massage.

The first four are offered fully clothed so are convenient and comfortable for clients.

Holistic therapies combat stress and tension in the body, which is the no.1 cause of all serious illnesses and conditions. These therapies can improve health greatly plus relieve muscular and rheumatic pains, improve sleep, heal long term injuries, prevent headaches, sinus problems…. overall  making you feel uplifted, stress free and pampered.

In addition to massage, Lizzy can also offer Holistic Facials using the organic skin care range Natural Elements. This range uses only totally organic ingredients including many essential oils, and all products are gentle on the skin. Lizzy will carefully select from these wonderfully sensual products to suitably match your skin type, and then combine with her knowledge from studying Ayurveda in India to provide an indulgent facial experience.  

Lizzy has a comfortable therapy room at her premises and also provides a mobile service to clients. She’s fully insured, a member of the Guild Of Holistic Therapists and holds a level 3 C&G Diploma in Holistic Body therapies. Lizzy’s also done additional intensive training in Thai yoga massage at the ITM school in northern Thailand, as well as training in Ayurvedic massage in Southern India.

If you would like any further information or to book a therapy please contact Lizzy directly. 

Lizzy Henderson

Mobile: 07519161469 

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Indian Head Massage | £30 for 45mins
Back, neck & head massage with deep frictioning movements, induces deep relaxation, balances body, relieves stress, prevents/treats headaches & migraines, sinus problems & insomnia. Promotes great skin & hair growth.

Deep Tissue Massage | £40 for 60 minutes
A deep, firm oil massage working on the second layer of muscles, involving neuro muscular techniques. Eases muscle tension, aches & pains, can re-align the body, improves circulation, relaxes & soothes the body, and can also cure whiplash.

Reflexology | £25 for 1hr  
A chocolate infused treatment working on all the reflex areas of the foot aiming to bring a healthy balance to the body. Aids deep relaxation, treats many health conditions, aches & pains. Improves circulation, prevents insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, calms & soothes. Treatment finished with a foot & leg massage with cocoa butter or aromatic oils.  

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage | £35 for 60 minutes
A deeply relaxing sensory experience. Aromatic oil blends are specifically chosen for clients needs. Treating and preventing muscular and joint aches/pains, headaches, sinus problems, insomnia, stress and tension. All incorporated in a deep yet gentle holistic massage.    

Aromatherapy Back Massage | £30 for 45mins
Same aromatic treatment as above but focuses only on back and shoulder area, good for back pain & tension.

Thai Yoga Massage (loose clothing required) | £40 for 60 minutes
A wonderful massage therapy that has all the benefits of yoga, without the work. Deep but gentle pressuring moves, incorporating Hatha yoga stretches with Acupressure, brings balance to the body, increases flexibility, induces deep relaxation, can re-aline joints, can heal long term injuries & improve circulation. Fully clothed on futon mat. Includes cocoa butter foot massage.

Hopi Ear Candles and mini facial | £25 for 45mins
An Ancient tribal art used by South American Indians. These candles are carefully inserted into the ears they act like a gentle vacuum and draw out impurities from ears as well as massaging the ear drum helping to relieve blocked ears, tinnitus, sinusitis and many ear problems. Treatment finished with a relaxing facial massage. Not to be used with ear gromits.

Stardust Express Facial | £25 for 35 mins
Deep cleanse,tone,massage & moisturise your way to gorgeous skin.

Ayurvedic Facial | £30 for 45mins 
Ayurveda is a science of healthly living from ancient India. Deep cleanse, tone, mask, moisturise, marma points (pressured to release negative energy build up & rejuvenate skin), includes a neck shoulder and face massage using Indian oils. Deeply relaxing & soothing.

Ayurvedic Luxury Facial | £35 for 1hr
A deep cleansing, exotic facial treatment using natural elements skin care, focusing on the marma points. Finished with a neck shoulder and head massage using Indian essential oils from the ancient science of Ayurveda of India. Rejuvenates skin & brings a feeling of deep relaxation & well-being