Chocolate Sleepovers!

When it comes to girlie get-togethers, the Chocolate Boutique Hotel has it all wrapped up with its chocolate sleepovers. For just £99 per person* and for groups of at least 4 people**, you can paint your portrait in chocolate, take part in a chocolate tasting and sample chocolate cocktails before nestling down for sweet dreams in a chocolate themed room. As chocolatier Gerry Wilton points out, chocolate sleepovers are not just for kids. Whether you want to have fun with friends, celebrate a birthday or say a special thank you to your mum, chocolate sleepovers are a perfect way to spend an afternoon out, a cosy night in, to chat and be indulged, he says. Doesn’t matter whether you are 25 or 65. Far more fun than “po faced” spa sessions, the Chocolate Boutique Hotel’s chocolate sleepovers take place each day in Bournemouth from Monday to Thursday, starting with chocolate portrait painting at 3pm. After immortalizing yourself in dark, milk and white chocolate, you’ll get to take part in a chocolate truffle making session before retreating to the Chocolate Bar to sip delicious chocolate cocktails, such as the Chocolate Martini and Chocmeister. After a tipple or two, you can don your pyjamas and nestle down in one of the hotel’s cosy chocolate themed rooms, such as the Cocoa Bean or the Aztec.

Following a night of sweet dreams, you can even have delicious chocolate pancakes for breakfast.

Booking is essential for our chocolate sleepovers.

*Based on two sharing a room 

** Minimum of 4 people


Posted by chocolate_admin on October 8, 2014

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