Gerry and Roo became involved in the chocolate business in 2001 and were one of the original chocolate fountain companies to offer the service of chocolate fountains in the UK.

Spotting an opportunity, Gerry quickly capitalized and before long had acquired 5 fountains, renting them all over the South of England to various events such as weddings, (including Peter and Jordan’s wedding in 2006) film premiers, showbiz parties, corporate functions and many more.

Next came the introduction of the Chocolate Workshops, initially commencing in Bournemouth but now running in the following locations.

Bournemouth, Birmingham, Brighton, Bath, Oxford, London, Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester.

During the first year of the workshops, Gerry also developed Corporate Chocolate Events. These events have seen tremendous growth throughout the UK and Europe since their inception in 2004, making Chocolate Delight the market leader in this new and exciting field. 

In 2006 as Chocolate Delight outgrew their offices, the need to find larger premises became apparent. Enter a 13 Bedroom unmodernised B&B in Bournemouth.

Within weeks the hotel was renamed as The Chocolate Hotel and 9 months later was completely refurbished throughout. The new Chocolate Boutique Hotel name was introduced and marked the start of a very successful trading period which continues to this day. The workshops and Chocolate Weekends are run in the hotel.

The Chocolate Delight offices are also located at the hotel.

July 2009 saw Chocolate Delight running Chocolate Workshops on board a cruise ship. P&0's ORIANA was home for Gerry and his daughter for their inaugral chocolate cruise. April 2010 sees Chocolate Delight on board more cruise liners throughout the year with dates set into 2011 with one cruise line. "We are in very exciting times right now" says Gerry "and there are also a couple of other very large projects that we are working on - watch this space."